Fastest Growing Mobile Game Segments

The types of games now available on the mobile platform are diverse and difficult to categorize.

Flurry, based in San Francisco, analyzed the different genres of games to see how they retain and keep their users engaged over the span of 90 days. As the marketing costs increase by the day, it is becoming all the more necessary to keep your target audience in mind and how to attract new customers.

The latest gaming trend

Flurry divides games into four different tiers, the first of which is: Quadrant 1, the sweet spot, where not only do the games manage to retain their users, but also actively keep them engaged in a week to week basis. Quadrant 1 contains some of the fastest growing mobile game segments like social turn based games, slots, management games and simulation games. The mechanics of these games like setting appointments or logging on every few minutes to water the plants keeps the user engaged and builds frequency.

Social turn based games are largely so popular because they build an active and loyal user base by offering popular and evergreen games that can be easily played among friends or any common circle.

If you look at it from a revenue point of view, even though there is a huge potential for advertising impressions, most of the companies that come into Quadrant 1 mainly derive their income from in-app purchases and show advertisements to players who choose not to pay.



Plants vs. Zombies

The 2nd Quadrant includes strategy games, which as compared to the games in Quadrant 1, have a shorter life cycle but insensitive usage. The developers of these games monetize by accelerating player vs. player competition and encouraging faster game procession through the purchase of premium features. To keep their audience, these developers have to release new content continuously once the game is launched.

Segments that fall behind in Quadrant 3 and 4 are action games, card battle games, solitaire, casino or poker games and endless games.


Angry Birds!

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