Featured Tech Kickstarter: Fuse – Connecting Your Car to the Rest of Your Life

Fuse: Connecting Your Car to the Rest of Your Life

We are always on the lookout for what is next in Tech. Many hot gadgets have been the brain-children of some crowdfunding programs, like Kickstarter! A Kickstarter we want to feature, which has been successfully funding, is Fuse! Fuse is THE dashboard for your car. It gives you updates and status reports, among many other things!

Every US vehicle sold after January 1996 has an OBD II data port near the driver’s sear that Fuse can plug into. Not all cars support all data. The GPS and cellular connection always work, however and most of Fuse’s functionality depends on those.

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by Phil Windley

Fuse gives your car a voice, connecting it with your world. Your car, your data, your way. We’re throwing in data for KS backers!

Fuse is a revolutionary new product that makes your car smart and connects it to the rest of your life.  Data is included for Kickstarter backers at the $60K project goal. 

Just a few more days to go! We need your support to make Fuse a reality. Fuse is different from other connected car products.

Select the $139 reward if you have one car, the $269 reward it you have two cars, the $399 reward for three cars, and the $599 for five cars. If you’ve got more cars than that, contact us for a special reward. 

We’ve also got a sponsorship level for people who really want to support Fuse. 

Free Data: The rewards on the right say “90 days free service”, but in fact, we’re including free data service with the devices for all of our Kickstarter supporters. We won’t be able to offer this after the Kickstarter campaign is over, so get the devices you need now to take advantage of this. 

What is Fuse?

Your car knows a lot more than its dashboard tells you. It knows how fast you’ve been going on every trip, your fuel mileage, your tire pressure, and much more. It even knows what your engine light really means — before it comes on. In fact your car has hundreds of sensors with interesting stuff to tell you, if you only had a way to listen.

Now you do, with Fuse.

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Fuse is three things in one:

  • smartphone app that gives you a second dashboard,
  • An off-the-shelf gizmo that plugs into your car’s diagnostics outlet, and
  • personal cloud to connect your car with the rest of your life


By G+ Author: Jacquelyn Tanner.

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