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bitcoin payment smartcard

by Bluenio

nio Card securely stores your private keys so you can make payments. It also stores your Bitcoin address to receive payments.



You can securely copy your Bitcoin payment addresses onto nio Card from your smartphone using Bluetooth. Once stored your card will act just like a normal contactless payment – but way more secure.

Taking payments is also easy with our Bitcoin Kiosk app.

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Bitcoin payments are just one part of what a smartcard can do.

When your smartphone and nio Card are in range of each other, you unlock a growing range of exclusive nio apps which keep your digital life secure and your personal possessions safe, and prevents loss of your wallet and phone.

nio Card includes 2GB storage and has a three-month charge via USB
nio Card includes 2GB storage and has a three-month charge via USB

It connects via a simple bluetooth connection. And at a thin 4mm, you can easily slot it into your wallet, purse, bag, or stick it to anything you want – nio Card will keep it safe and close.




Devices running iOS6.1 and iOS7 including:

  • iPhone 4S and the full iPhone 5 range
  • iPad (early-2012 and newer) including the iPad Air
  • iPad Mini and iPad Mini Retina Display


Any device with Bluetooth 4.0 which is running Android 4.3 Jellybean and newer (KitKat), including:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • And many more!


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By G+ Author: Jacquelyn Tanner.

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