Foldable Tablet and Roll-able Keyboard, Mobile Gone Bendy

The word mobile is officially an understatement. Today, the revolution of technology and the way in which it takes shape is small, and getting smaller. When I say the word small I mean transportable, transformable, and now foldable.

Pay attention because a foldable revolution is upon us. Did you ever think you would see the day when you could fold a computer in half for better storage purposes? Me neither, but somehow, that day is just around the corner.

Today, I would like to show all of you mobile trend followers two new trends in what I like to call: foldable and roll-able technology.

Without any further adieu, allow me to show you a glimpse at what the highly anticipated Foldable Tablet by Samsung may look like.

 foldable tablet

Over the past year or so, rumors of reports regarding the foldable tablet technology have swept the nation. As we anxiously await the release of the product, we can only imagine the possibilities associated with owning a foldable tablet.

Not only would a gadget like this lower the need for owning multiple mobile devices, but it would also create space in our briefcases, suitcases, purses, and backpacks like we’ve never had before.

foldable tablet


Although Samsung will keep us waiting for now, the project has a patent and could be on the market in the near future.

Exciting right? Let’s shift gears and take a look at a handy piece of tech that we can actually put our hands on right here and now, literally and figuratively.

LG Rolly Bluetooth Keyboard


The LG Rolly Bluetooth Keyboard, available on Amazon, takes convenience to a whole new level, not to mention the adorably accurate name for the product.

With the LG Rolly, typing on the go just got a whole lot easier. With a weight of only a mere 8.8 ounces, the Rolly is literally a solution and advancement in the world of all things typed.




Think about it, ever had a hefty email to send but only had your phone on you? Now we have the potential to simply roll-it-out and voilà, a keyboard at our fingertips. If you’re having a hard time visualizing the actual size of the keyboard, take a look at the picture below and see what the Rolly looks like when it’s well, rolled up.



Check out some of the LG Rolly special features, according to the product description on Amazon:

1. Rolly Keyboard is powered by a single AAA battery
2. Uses two Bluetooth 3.0 channels to pair to two separate devices
3. Offers satisfying tactile feedback often not found on flexible silicone keyboards
4. Compatible with iOS, AndroidTM, and Windows® devices
5. Unique, easy-to-carry keyboard quickly unrolls for anytime use and rolls up for anywhere portability


What do you think of the rising foldable technology revolution? Would you be willing to purchase a foldable tablet? Have you already purchased a roll-able keyboard? Let us know your thoughts! Comment Below.



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