Get Fit With Strava


Strava is a social fitness app. With all the social apps nowadays, the Strava app doesn’t come as a surprise! Strava is an online community with athletes all over the world, who connect with each other to compete and get fit together. These athletes don’t just quit or give up because of a bad day or bad weather. They go out there and prove themselves!

The Strava app is compatible for Android OS, Apple OS or any other GPS device. It’s an easy way to track your rides, analyze your performances and compete with your friends. A more detailed list of the Strava features:

  • Track your rides with GPS, view the map of your ride, get stats and health records 
  • Compare stats with your friends, accept challenges and earn statuses
  • Connect with friends and follow them
  • Find out the most popular places to ride
  • More features when you upgrade to Premium

Don’t be mistaken, Strava is not only an app made for cycling it’s also perfect for running! So from now on no more excuses! Time to get fit!







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