Goji Smart Lock – Forget Those Keys!

Announced as one of CES 2014’s best gadgets, Goji ensures you’ll never need your door keys again! The brand presents itself as “the most advanced door lock for your home”. Goji is sealed onto your door and connected to your home Wi-Fi. Just download the Goji Mobile App to get access to enter your house with the Wi-Fi. Once Goji has been installed (the mobile app on your smartphone as well) you won’t even need to take out your phone to unlock your door. The door will automatically open as you get close enough. Via the mobile app, you’ll be able to lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world, even when you’re sunbathing in Honolulu!

Goji sends you pictures when someone approaches your door and sends real-time information to your mobile phone. This is perfect for when the kids are home alone, this way you’ll get a notification if a stranger might get to close to the door! For less unwanted faces, you can send them access via mail or text for a particular day and time.
For less smartphone savvy people, Goji provides back up keys and fobs (just like electronic car keys). There also a 24/24 customer services available if anything would go wrong.

Goji retails from $278. For more information or to buy a Goji, go to http://www.gojiaccess.com/shop-goji.html.




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