Less.Mail: Artificial Intelligence based email assistant

Robin Labs has just launched a new email app for Android users called Less.Mail. While there are hundreds of email apps in the Google Play Store, Less.Mail is an all new Artificial Intelligence based email client that handles routine email responses by using automatic responses based on the original email’s context. Users are able to tell Less.Mail if they want to accept or reject the senders original email, whether its an invitation, meeting or something else.


The responses are based on natural language instead of specific keywords (which have already been done by other clients before). Robin Labs has already used its A.I in Robin, a comprehensive mobile app that is similar to Apple’s Siri or Google Now. Robin Labs CEO Ilya Eckstein says “Approximately 80% of our emails are routine” and the Less.Mail app is built so that your interaction with these types of emails take less time. You can see in the demo video below how the user interacts with the app by saying “No, thanks. But please decline politely” to an invitation – the app does the rest and formats an email with natural language.

The Less.Mail app is a showcase for Robins A.I technology while also doubling as a testbed and user response to voice-operated email. While it is a novel idea, the app might not be for everyone and the big question still remaining is, will it actually save time? Voice assistant is a great idea, but none of the current crop of solutions have come close to being a permanent fixture for a majority of people. That said, Less.Mail is a great idea for people who need and use assistive technology or during long commutes or when stuck in traffic.

The app is request only for now with access being rolled out slowly towards the end of the year. If you are an Android user – you can request your invite here.

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