LittleBits introduces new DIY Smart Home Kit for $249

LittleBits is steadily expanding its modular electronics platform. After releasing new kits that let user connect and link their own creations to other hardware via the cloud, LittleBits has introduced a new Do-it-Yourself kit to tackle the smart home. This new kit is meant to let users build their own smart items that can control various electronics around the house – smart coffee pots, motion controlled lights and smart AC.


At $249, the Smart Home Kit comes with 14 “Bits” and 11 accessories, including the cloudBit that lets you connect things to the internet, an MP3 player, temperature sensor, light sensor, speaker, IR transmitter and a few other items. It also includes a few ideas for projects you can start right out of the box. Some of the project examples are using a temperature sensor in your fridge to have it alert you if you left the fridge door open, or using use the sound sensor to text you when your dog is barking.

The appeal of the LittleBits kit is that you are not confined to projects defined in the box, you can have countless solutions to all the “problems” in your house. When you are tired of a solution, take the bits and re-configure them to create a new, more exciting solution for another problem. The few drawbacks are that the kits are not overly complicated, nor have sophisticated algorithms to create truly game changing powerful solutions, but it is perfect for the hobbyist. It also only comes with one cloudBit module – which means you can only build one internet-connected project at a time (you can by more cloudBits for $60 each.)


Overall, the kit is a great starter for hobbyists or kids to expand their understanding of home automation. You can pre-order the kit from the LittleBits site for $249. They will start shipping in early December, and will be available in RadioShack stores starting in December.


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