McDonald’s Millennial Problem, Tech Events, Buzzword Addictions

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McDonald’s Has  Millennial Problem (Ad Age)
The number one fast food chain is struggling to understand a core consumer segment — 18 to 32 year olds.

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What millenials want is variety, more choices, customization, and the ability to personalize their meals. This demographic group is a tough bunch to please, and lesson learned from a fast food giant —  you need to go the extra mile to build a strong customer connection.

60+ Tech Events in San Francisco, Boston, New York, and Europe (Mashable)
The beginning of spring means that the weather’s perfect to get outside and meet people.

Here are 60 events in some of the coolest locations for you to try.

Break the Business Buzzword Addiction (Inc)
Buzzwords may sound cool, but they run the risk of confusing your customers.

As much as you rock in your industry, don’t let complex language hold you back from building strong connections with your prospects. Remember that marketing is all about forging relationships — human to human.

How to Reinvigorate and Old Brand (OPEN Forum)
Everybody loves a blast from the past — nostalgia is a powerful emotion (and marketing tool).

Some concepts are absolutely timeless, like quality, flavor, and utility. If your company has stayed strong through the ages, why not reinvigorate the concepts that acquired customers in the first place Position your brand as a fond memory that’s come back to life.


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