Milk Music – The Next Big Thing in Music App

Milk Music is not a new app; it was launched in March this year. Milk Music is a free streaming music service designed exclusively for Samsung device owners. As its monthly subscription option, Milk Premium, was just introduced on July 31, perhaps it is a good time to evaluate this app again.




Samsung hopes the Milk become the next big thing in music. And actually Milk Music has reached this goal. The coolest factor of Milk Music is that it gives you lots of power to customize your stations. In another word, the stations are more tailored to your taste.

Milk Music is an ad-free app now available on the Google Play store. Despite Samsung previously mentioned the ad-free feature would only last for a limited time, the app has continued both free of costs and ads since the launch.




Milk Music offers more than what you want to hear. It has over 200 radio stations and over 13 million songs. Such a big music library allows you to get fewer repeats and more new discoveries. The “spotlight” function offers a curated selection handpicked by music tastemakers and influencers. You can collect the stations you love and put them into “my stations”.

Many people think that they have very little control to online radio services. But Milk Music is designed for you to personalize your listening experience. It allows you to adjust what songs play based on factors like popularity and release date. Moreover, you are able to adjust how often your favorite songs play on a specific station.

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The Milk interface is centered around a dial – which looks like the software version of dials found on Apple’s iPod Classic and Shuffle. The dial is used for creating your own signature sound. You can customize the dial to show only genres and stations you like. Users can select up to nine genres to fit on the wheel. The dial can also be turned around to switch on a music stream from a specific genre.


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If you spend $3.99 per month to upgrade your Milk app to Milk Premium, you will get several upgraded functions. For example, you can skip as many songs as you want; you can turn off the DJ commentary if it annoys you; you can listen to music without the Internet connection; you can even set up a sleep timer on your Milk app, if you want the app to pause automatically after a certain time has elapsed.




Galaxy owners, if you are interested in try this exclusive music app, you can download Milk Music from the Google Play store. As long as you have a Samsung account, no registration or set-up is required.

Do you think that $3.99 monthly subscription fee is worth for the above features and benefits? Let us know in the comments how you compare it with other music apps!


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