Mobile Tracking Technology Has Changed Our Lives

unnamedWhen it comes to mobile technology, there are so many things to talk about and one of them has got to do with mobile tracking. Just as children like to play hide and seek, there is evidently many places that we could hide and never be found, but not when we have our mobile phones with us.

Location-tracking technology is becoming the order of the day. Apart from tracking your mobile phone, you could use the technology to track your friends, streamline supply chains and facilitate movements of goods in the market as well as monitor company’s assets to prevent loss.

So if you need to track down your stolen or misplaced mobile phone or you work as a secret agent that need to find out the whereabouts of a suspect, you will find mobile tracking technology to be indispensable. In most cases, you are required to install software on the mobile phone that you are tracking and this means that you need permission from the person. However, it is not an easy task trying to track someone’s phone if it is not installed with GPS technology.

It is important to note that mobile tracking involves several technologies. Rather, it is the convergence of several technologies that have been assembled to track livestock, inventory or vehicle fleet. In other words, what we are saying is that mobile tracking is just one of the location-tracking technologies.


Some of these technologies used in location tracking include the following:

  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) – is used for large scale tracking systems.
  • • Global positioning system (GPS) – uses satellite to figure out the location of the person, livestock, vehicle or stores.
  • • Radio frequency identification (RFID) – a microchip is attached to consumer cattle, goods, vehicles, and other objects to track their movements.
  • • Wireless Area Network – network devices are connected via radio frequency and the data generated provides the use with a network within a certain range.

Therefore, it is important to note that location-tracking technology will use one or a combination of these technologies.

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