Mobile Web Surfing: Hottest Trends

By G+ Author: Dennis Tablott.

Did you know that about 30% of 18-24 year olds even bring their mobile devices into the bathroom?

Nielsen-mobile-web-surfing-hottest-trendsI don’t know about you, but this statistic, brought to us by, caught me a bit off guard, especially when I realized that I fall within this category myself! Are you curious to learn more about ways we engage in your mobile device in the bathroom and in other places in and out of your home? The answer to this and many other questions, related to mobile engagement comes from a recent Nielsen report.

According to Nielsen, smartphone users spent 87 percent of their “app/Web” time using mobile apps; Smartphone peeps spend the remaining 13 percent of their time surfing on the web via mobile. Women tend to surf the mobile web slightly longer than men do, specifically, two hours more than men per month. However, both sexes are consistent in spending more than four hours a month on their mobile device.  What drives this strong preference towards mobile apps, compared with mobile web, is convenience and user friendliness. Google examples of user friendliness are, not coincidentally, some of the most popular mobile apps, such as the Facebook, Google maps and others. The screen “real-estate” is rather limited on mobile devices so it is difficult to maintain one’s attention span. As a result, a simple interface with basic features and easy navigation within the app have managed to win over the mobile web surfer!

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