Movies and Mobile: Hollywood Insights from Bladimiar Norman and Chris Gartin

By David Pate, G+ profile.

Mobile and technology is becoming bigger and better in Hollywood. From independent filmmakers to big screen productions.

According to LA Times, Two local technology companies, Sample Digital and Technicolor, have introduced applications that now allow production and studio executives to view “dailies” — scenes from movie and TV shoots — on their iPads.



Online with Bladimiar Norman

Bladimiar Norman, Senior Vice President of Marketing for The Weinstein Company, is leading on digital initiatives. Today, mobile is a part of our daily lives. We record videos, take pictures, and spend a lot of time just sharing on social media platforms. Mobile is the go-to vehicle for sharing our creations and ideas. LinkedIn announced a promotional celebration pegged to The Weinstein Company’s upcoming film Lee Daniels’ The Butler — marking the first time the career-based social network has shaken hands with Hollywood. “The Weinstein Company is committed to executing innovative and efficient tactics to market our films, and teaming with LinkedIn to highlight the inspiring story in Lee Daniels’ The Butler was a perfect fit,” said Bladimiar Norman, Weinstein’s senior vice president of marketing. “We’re thrilled to be LinkedIn’s partner on their first major film promotion.”



Chris Gartin

Start-up with Chris Gartin

Adding itself as a physical presence among those stars is Hollywood-based tech incubator io/LA. Opened in April 2012, it’s a central place where technologists and the entertainment community can meet, and possibly converge into something greater. Forbes sat down with co-founder and actor Chris Gartin. “Silicon Beach doesn’t end at the beach,” said Gartin, noting that the startup community in Los Angeles is growing in other areas of the city, not only on the far Westside.

“Being from Los Angeles, I started to meet a lot of people in the entertainment industry and we began talking about how Hollywood is changing, and how there’s opportunities to truly get entertainment and technology to converge,” he continued. “So we decided to start i/o in L.A. When choosing a spot, we thought if we are really going to change what the intersection looks like between technology and Hollywood, then we have to be in Hollywood.”

Throughout the entertainment industry, technology is pushing the boundaries of the usual ways of doing business.

Aber Whitcomb, co-founder of io/LA, partner in i/o Ventures, and co-founder of MySpace, said:

“Technology is allowing two specific things in Hollywood right now: One is the cost of production is going way down. That’s been enabled directly through technology — cheaper cameras, cheaper editing tools, and cheaper facilities. That’s breaking down huge barriers for content creators. On other side, there’s distribution of this content. That’s being enabled by all of these connected devices — iPhones, iPads, Internet-connected TVs, and your desktop computer. When we look at convergence, what I think about most is enabling new distribution methods.”

Technology has always powered Hollywood. In fact, the first tech dates all the way back to the 19th century, when a series of pictures were first put in motion and the first cameras were invented.




Want a taste of Hollywood at your fingertips?

Apple’s iOS store and Android’s Google Play store have tons of apps that can add visual effects, sound effects, – and – to your videos you record!


Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 10.45.08 AM

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