Which Nationwide Mobile Carrier Has the Fastest Speeds?

We live in a world rife with opportunities to enhance our productivity and overall lifestyle using mobile technology. Smartphones, tablets, laptops…all of these devices go to great lengths to serve us with the capacity to work or play virtually anywhere in the country.

As a result, identifying the carrier with the top data speeds is extremely important. Faster speeds signify not only the ability to accomplish more in the same amount of time, but also bypass the annoyances that slow transfer features stir.

There are a few primary factors that were considered when compiling this list, including:

  1. Download Speed
  2. Upload Speed
  3. Webpage Download Speed
  4. Webpage Completion (the amount of the page completed in 30 seconds)

Based on the averages for each of these categories, the following rankings have been established.

Verizon LTE

As a longstanding player in the telephone industry, it comes as no surprise that Verizon lands the top spot in this list. Performance in each category is as follows:

  1. Download Speed: 19.6mbps
  2. Upload Speed: 9.3mbps
  3. Webpage Download Speed: 3.9mbps
  4. Webpage Completion: 97 percent


T-Mobile LTE

T-Mobile’s recent launch of their 4G LTE network, as well as stellar performance on more current benchmark tests, have actually put them in the top spot in many lists similar to this one. However, as you can see, their numbers in the download speed section, the most important in terms of overall ranking, are edged just a bit by top-spot holder, Verizon.

  1. Download Speed: 16.8mbps
  2. Upload Speed: 9.7mbps
  3. Webpage Download Speed: 4.7mbps
  4. Webpage Completion: 90 percent



Coming in at the number three spot is another old name in the field of telephony, AT&T. While their numbers may be lower than its two predecessors, they still hold excellent rankings in all fields.

  1. Download Speed: 11.9mbps
  2. Upload Speed: 6.3mbps
  3. Webpage Download Speed: 3.3mbps
  4. Webpage Completion: 90 percent


As you can see, speeds available with any of the top three, nationwide carriers are fast approaching, and in some cases exceeding, those held by traditional, stationary service. No matter which area of the country you hail from, finding adequate speeds for your mobile activities is now definitely possible.

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