Nextdoor: Social Media for Neighborhoods Now on ANDROID

By G+ Author: Grace Barry.

Nextdoor is the social network for neighborhoods, and has been building neighborhoods since 2011, currentlywith over 18,000 neighborhoods, with around 75 being added each day.  Nextdoor has been available in the Apple App Store for 3 months, with 20% of the sites content being generated from mobile – and was launched in the Google Play Store yesterday (August 21).

Nextdoor has received multiple stories about how neighbors have helped each other avoid parking tickets, or find lost pets – an example of why the mobile presence via the app is important to achieving it’s purpose.

While it has a similar aesthetic to Facebook, it’s purpose is quite different. It’s purpose isn’t to encourage you to share personal information with your neighbors, but rather to keep neighbors informed on local events, lost and found items, crime and security info and much more.

In order to sign up to your neighborhood, you must first show proof of residency to be admitted into the password-protected site, that isn’t even accessible by search engines. Each neighbor is verified as a real neighbor and personal information is never shared with third parties. Meaning the purpose of this delightful app is kept pure – to share information about your neighborhood with your neighbors.

Want to see the Nextdoor offering in action? Check out their demo site here.


Source: Nextdoor, Mashable

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