Oculus Rift: Rebirth Of the Virtual Boy?

One of the things that caught the eye in CES 2014 was Oculus Rift. It was one of the leading talking points after the show and technologists across the globe called it the “revolutionary” product.

What exactly it is? It is a pair of engineered glass and headphones that creates the illusion of a virtual world. It makes the new world of vision and phantasm. A fake world that is clearer than the existing world. The video game dynamics could change by this revolutionary piece of launch.

Nintendo Virtual Boy

20 years ago, Nintendo launched “Virtual Boy”. That venture wasn’t very successful. At that time, the concept of virtual reality was too ahead of its time. That time, people were still using landline phones, and the internet was in its childhood stage. The gaming consoles were limited, and they didn’t support the new technology. But as of 2014, the virtual boy has been reborn with more health and energy.

Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus Rift, says that the project is a “Kickstarter” project and has the potential to change the future of video games.

“Yes; indeed it has the potential to change the video game world,” are the supporting words given to Mr. Luckey by the giants of video gaming industry like Gabe Navel of Valve, John Carmark of id software, Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games, David Helgason of Unity & Gaikai.

The headphones that are manufactured by Oculus have vibrantly changed the way of gaming experience. John Carmark was presented with the technology, and he has appreciated the new technology.

The Oculus Rift has been tried and tested in GameSpy, G4TV, CVG laboratories and all the leading players are just excited about the technology. The innovative technology has swept the video game world of its feet.

Oculus Rift changing the gaming industry

The Oculus Rift contains glasses and headphones and has HDR (head mounted display) that the gamers will actually feel they are in the virtual world.

Technical Features:

  • Ultra high-tech VR headset
  • Around 2.2 kilograms
  • 640×800 (per eye) resolution
  • 110 degrees view field
  • Diagonal-Horizontal view of 90 degrees
  • Panorama of 110 degrees
  • Stereoscopic 3D viewing angle
  • Overview of about 40 degrees

Oculus Rift has been one the most trending topics in CES 2014. Every gaming enthusiast is excited about Oculus Rift. The virtual world is now synonymous with Oculus Rift.

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