Online Dating Pros and Cons

Meeting someone online is never a completely fail proof task, it simply isn’t an easy thing to do, it takes practice and confidence. In fact, as the usage of online and mobile dating resources continues to rise, there are many questions that also arise regarding how to speak, act, or react when meeting someone online.

You may have seen our previous article that discussed questions to ask when meeting someone online. This is a great place to start, once you have decided to take the plunge that is. But for those of you who are currently on the fence about jumping into the pool of online dating, perhaps a list of simple online dating pros and cons could be of use. Your wish is our command.


online dating pros and cons


Because we are optimists, let’s start with ten pros of online dating.


10 Pros of Online and Mobile Dating

1. Shy guy? Online dating let’s you dip a toe into spontaneous and random conversations without the added stress of immediate face to face contact, like the type you may experience during a speed date session.

2. People that you meet online are in the same boat as you, they are also nervous and looking to meet someone, don’t worry about annoying them because if they weren’t looking to talk, they wouldn’t be on an online dating site!

3. “Online dating provides individuals with access to many more potential partners than they could often find in their daily lives.” According to Psychology Today.

4. Online dating gives users the ability to be selective and find partners who they know are already similar to them, before even meeting. This is based on characteristics such as likes, dislikes, hobbies, race, gender, religion, children and so on.

5. Mobile dating has gotten so popular, it is no longer strange to hear a couple say, “we met online.” Some proof? Almost 50 million Americans alone have tried out an online dating site, according to Statistic Brain.


online dating pros and cons


6. Online dating saves time. If you chat with someone and find the conversation to be going nowhere, cut ties. No need for a long uncomfortable dinner.

7.  Lose some of the awkwardness associated with first dates. Once you know a thing or two about each other, the first date may not be so nerve wrecking.

8. Online dating allows users to find the real reasons behind being attracted to someone, such as personality, opinions, likes or dislikes. It’s not all about looks when it comes to online dating, that is a good thing!

9. Timing is flexible. Meet and chat with other online users when it works for you. If you find yourself particularly busy, it can wait. No need to worry about rescheduling a cup of coffee time and time again (until you are actually ready to meet the person that is).

10. This one may seem obvious, but last and certainly not least, online dating provides opportunities to meet people that you wouldn’t have met otherwise, at least not as easily!

As promised, and on the contrary here are some common cons associated with online dating.


10 Cons of Online and Mobile Dating


online dating pros and cons


1. The number one and most obvious con of online dating, is the fact that the person you are speaking to may not be completely honest about who they are.

2. It is important to make sure that the person you are talking to is actually a fellow single person? You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a family crisis.

3. Online dating services may create matches with users not knowing that one of the users is using online dating resources for the wrong reasons.

4. So close but yet so far. Users may end up matched or completely infatuated with someone who lives relatively far away from them.

5. Creating and utilizing online dating services is not free, this can add up over time.


online dating pros and cons


6. Users can become completely engrossed in their computer or phone. Even though it is okay to be excited, online dating should not consume a users life and get in the way of normal day to day business.

7. Looks can be deceiving. It is common for users to post a much younger or extremely flattering picture of themselves as their profile picture. Although it’s not all about looks, users should be honest about what they look like on a day to day basis if they are looking for an honest relationship.

8. If something negative has occurred in a person’s past, they are not very likely to include that on their profile. It’s risky, and online dating users need to hope for complete honesty by both parties, but not expect it.

9. Online dating platforms may match users who are compatible on paper, creating much excitement, but these users may find that they just do not click in person. This can create stress, disappointment and feelings of failure.

10. Lastly, users may get stuck talking to multiple people at once, which is okay to an extent. However, after an extended period of time, the user needs to start to consider the feelings of all those involved.


online dating pros and cons


There you have it, online dating pros and cons. We hope this list was helpful in terms of making your online dating decision that much easier.

If you or someone you know has discovered a serious pro or con when it comes to online dating, let us know, comment below!


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