Pebble Gets An Upgrade At CES 2014

The smart watch from Pebble gets an upgrade in 2014. Now when it launched the latest smart watch version with improved features, it took care of all the problems that were faced by integration of Smartphone’s with smart watches. Let us see what the CEO of Pebble Technologies have to say on this.

Pebble Smart Watch upgraded

CEO Eric Migicovsky describes Steel as a more formal version of Pebble. In an interview to CNET, Eric Migicovsky said, “I’m going out for dinner, I’m wearing a suit, and I have got a position that doesn’t allow me to wear a synthetic watch on my wrist. How do I benefit from a smart-watch? How do I get notifications and run all the apps that Pebble offers without having to wear something that I don’t wish on my wrist. We took that as a manufacturing design hitch. It wasn’t really a software hitch… We just had to build an aesthetically different Pebble.”

Features of Pebble Steel after upgrade

Codee Lee, the technology author at Idownloadblog, says that Pebble watches indeed now look like smart watches. The new Pebble is more attractive than its counterpart versions but other than looks, he doesn’t get any differences between the two. It looks like it has been using the familiar E-link display, and also it runs the same third party apps.

Pebble upgraded from plastic to stainless steel

Looks: The looks that make this Pebble different – it has the stainless steel body with a leather or steel band, a huge advancement from the last versions where plastics were been used.

Pebble Steel with Corning Gorilla Glass

Weight: The face of the watch is covered with Gorilla Glass. The new watch is also much lighter than the previous one and comfortable on the hand. The thinner profile of Pebble is due to slimmer bezels.

Battery life improvements

Battery Life: The Steel’s battery life is almost like its previous version, one week on one charge, and the battery LED indicator also is the same.

The all new waterproof Pebble Steel

Water Proof: The Pebble steel is waterproof like its previous version.

All in all, it looks that the version hasn’t been a significant upgrade but definitely good improvements.

So, what are your views on Pebble Steel?

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