Prevent Friends From Arriving Late And Getting Lost Using Jink App

img_logo_jinkHave you ever found yourself waiting for a friend who takes forever to arrive because he/she lost direction?  Jink app has made sure that such situations will be a thing of the past. With Jink, you can privately share your location with your friend. The Taipei-based app allows users to register with their phone number and it will automatically detect the person’s location. This is a perk for those who want to keep location-sharing as private and seamless as possible – and for those who do not have iPhones to just “share location” or want to post on social media, like Facebook’s location feature.

If that person wants to meet a friend, all they need to do is just to install the app and let the friend install it too. They then can retrieve the friend’s number from their contact list. The friend’s location will appear on a map, and the two can then message each other and the icons will move in real-time as each person moves. Once you meet, the Jink session ends because it recognizes the share in physical location.

The thing that has sold Jink to most users is that it is incredibly easy to use for anyone. It also doesn’t ask that you share your location all the time, but only when you need to. For those folks who are worried that they might open door for criminals to track them, Jink won’t share your location with anyone unless that person has your invitation and vice versa.

Should you invite someone who has not downloaded the app yet, that person will be sent a download link along with the invitation via an SMS. The goal of this app is to minimize time wastage when meeting someone for the first time, or when you are meeting someone in an unfamiliar location. According to TechCrunch, the app can also be used to arrange a group meeting. However, only the person who called the meeting that can see each member; members cannot see each other.

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