Samsung Galaxy Alpha reported to be the first of a new A series from Samsung

We recently covered Samsung’s new metal-framed Galaxy Alpha. It received a lot of attention because Samsung was finally moving away from the cheap plastic that it has always been criticized for compared to the premium builds of the HTC One M8 and the iPhone.

At the time, it was believed that the Galaxy Alpha was a one off premium device since it was very different from other Samsung products. Now it has been revealed that Samsung is working on more metal framed devices. A new report claims that the Galaxy Alpha is the first of a new “A” series of Samsung smartphones. This new series will start with 3 initial devices that will feature design cues that are similar to the Galaxy Alpha with at least some metal on their bodies.

The new devices are expected to debut in Q3 2014 and will vary in price range, going from entry level to premium price points. This could be a turning point for Samsung and its image as a manufacturer that uses cheap materials for its flagship phones. It could put Samsung’s build quality on the same level as HTC and Apple and, help it gain even more customers that look at build quality over other features.

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