2nd Biggest Panoramic Camera Threatens Privacy and is Awesome

By G+ Author: Grace Barry.

Gigapixel.com a computer digital imaging company has released what BI.com calls the second-largest(second to this) panoramic picture ever. Gigapixel and 360 Cities has a gallery of cool 360 degree panoramic photos from the tippy-tops of various world cities.

The Tokyo Tower panoramic looks pretty average on first glance; a gorgeous shot of tokyo, but definitely not hype-worthy. However, upon looking or scrolling through the interactive version your mind is immediately blown. It is the clearest, most detailed image you have ever seen not through your own eyes. What is really wild about the image is its zoom capabilities. Buildings that look miles away can zoom up close in seconds revealing tiny details.

Adam Taylor of Business Insider finds some terror in what the camera can do. He writes, “It’s certainly a sight to behold, but, frankly the detail is a little terrifying. Play around for it for a few seconds and you realize you can basically see into the private lives of people from miles away. Reddit users found some pretty weird things going on in the BT Tower picture earlier this year.

For example, here is a man, half-wrapped in a towel, washing his hands in a bathroom half way up a high rise building. We’d wager he has no idea this photograph is being taken:”


Here’s what that image looks like when you zoom out. You can look into windows far further away than this, in fact:


second-biggest-panoramic-camera-CSI-MemeHe goes on to explain why the image is not a huge threat, yet… “Of course, this image was made for non-nefarious reasons and it took a huge amount of work (Martin says the image took 6 hours of shooting, but over 4 months to assemble on a “gigantic” Fujitsu workstation with 192GB of RAM), but still… it’s a little worrying.”

As of right now I’m not worried, I’m partly amazed, and mostly laughing. I am laughing because it reminds me of the law and crime scene shows that are very near and dear to my heart. Though I love them, I have always found their camera technology a little far-fetched(see left).  With this Fujitsu station the CSI shows are no longer so artificial! Ha!

You can see the full resolution image at 360GigaPixels.com











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