Smart Water

Ever heard of a smart water bottle that is meant to keep you properly hydrated? This new trendy thing is BluFit.


BluFit works wirelessly in conjunction with a smartphone app. This app first records your personal details such as weight, age, etc. Then the bottle continues to log how much water you are consuming from the bottle. This can only be done by make the bottle able to communicate with the app.

BluFit tracks all these information before it can determine if you are drinking enough water. If you don’t drink enough water, the bottle will give you audio alerts. You can also review how you are doing with historical data graphs and even set yourself goals.

All these fancy things comes at a price. You can secure yourself a BluFit water bottle for $49 with free shipping in the US. Pay $59 and you get a blue or black color sleeve option, for $110 you get two bottles.





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