Music Streaming: Soundwave versus Spotify

When it comes to music streaming, there are a lot of contenders. Not just everyone goes to their iTunes catalog to listen to music. A huge perk of streaming music is music discovery. Spotify is ruling the mobile market, with contending apps like Pandora and.. Soundwave. Haven’t heard of it? Listen up:

Soundwave enters with a bang

Soundwave is a music discovery app for smartphones. The app makes it possible for you to chat and share your music with friends.

“Chat and share music with friends for free on Soundwave!”

The Dublin-based software was founded by Aidan Sliney and Brendan O’Driscoll in November 2011 to help users track your listening habits as well as those of your friends.

Soundwave app makes it possible for you to chat and share your music with friends

Having been launched in June last year, the Irish start-up entered the market with a bang having been endorsed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Stephen Fry and Ashton Kutcher. An updated version of Soundwave, Soundwave 2.0, was released on 17th July 2014 across 10 different languages. According to TechCrunch, the software was already shy of 165,000 downloads within two weeks after it was launched.

App users sign up and track the music they play on their smartphones, from other apps like YouTube, Spotify and Rdio. People can also sign up to follow friends and see what songs they are playing. Another interesting feature of the app is that it provides filters so users can just see what people have been favoring and rating. It also features a “Music Map” to help you see what people are playing within a given radius.

However, the app has a sense of mischief in that if a few people are repeatedly playing one music, they are likely to dominate your activity feed.

Although Soundwave seems to get a lot of love, it will be hard to sweep Spotify off its feet! Just today Spotify announced it is launching on Sony’s PS4 and PS3!

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