TBT, Major Changes in the History of the Mobile Phone

By G+ Author: Grace Barry.

The history of the mobile phone dates back to 1973 when it was, for lack of a better word, invented. It was first available for commercial use in 1983. A graceful 30 years later and a lot has changed about the handy device. In honor of Throw Back Thursday lets take a look back at some of the major changes that have taken place…you know, the BIG changes, the ones we seem to recall as a turning point for the mobile phone.


1. Of course number one is the 1st mobile phone. Unfortunately  or fortunately I wasn’t alive to see this one in action. Looks a little bit like it was more trouble than it was worth! Thats okay though it was a pivotal stop in the journey to the mobile phones we know and love today.

2. The  infamous Nokia. This phone peaked in the mid nineties? I am not positive. Never owned this badboy but knew people who did. It was a pretty good size, fit in a jacket pocket or a purse. I’ve also heard its  pretty damn indestructible ;).

3. Ohh the flip phone. I am not sure why the flip phone was such a game-changer but it really was–maybe it had something to do with the Motorola Razr.  You weren’t a somebody till you had a goddam flip phone(if only my mom had understood that).

4. I remember my first color phone. I remember changing my display screen and my wallpaper for hours(even though I only had six options to choose from). Some color phones even let you customize your tool bars, fancy!

5. And here we enter the smartphone phase. I was still young when Sidekicks were out and about but I am pretty sure they qualify as a smartphone. My cousin had one and I was SO jealous. The only thing cooler than a Sidekick was a Sidekick covered in glitter. The Sidekick could do so many amazing things, like check your email(I didn’t use email I was 14), surf the web, instant message, the list goes on and on.

Come back next Thursday for the completed list! In the meantime, what did I leave out? Is there anything you feel is missing from between the time you laid your eyes on the first mobile phone till you saw your first Sidekick in the hands of the bratty middle-schooler next door?

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