The Art and Science of Typography [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketers know that content marketing needs more than great writing to take off — elegant design elements are equally important for motivating, engaging, and influencing your audiences.

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As a top-notch content strategist, you’re probably great with words and numbers, but what about your fonts Do you know when you should be using Times vs. Arial vs. Calibri — aside from your own gut reaction that it just ‘feels’ right

When it comes to design, you should definitely second-guess your gut by delving into the psychology of why something looks awesome vs. terrible. has made a simple guide to help you become a typeface mastermind.

Why this Visual Rocks

It’s the opposite of fluffy. It’s technical. It’s detailed. Information-wise, the infographic reads like a design textbook — only, you’re not stuck reading chunks of text. The tool functions as more of a ‘cheat sheet.’

This graphic is actionable. In addition to providing context for when certain fonts should be used, it shares examples of fonts that you can use immediately.

The infographic also understands its audience — not designers but strategists — who might be designing a blog or layout for the first time.

With every showcased typeface, you see a real example of how it’s actually used. The teaching tool is tangible, practical, and real.

Room for Improvement

The second half of the visual gets slightly too technical, too fast. A simple exercise of ‘researching your audience’ could solve some of the (few) areas of cognitive dissonance, where the information starts to get choppy enough to disrupt narrative flow.

For instance, terms like line spacing, line length, white space, vertical rhythm, and vertical hierarchy are too full of design jargon. In these situations, the solution is simple — don’t be afraid of getting too literal, and make sure to define your terminology upfront.

Don’t expect these design-specific ideas to be intuitive to everybody (even if they are extremely simple for you and your team). Including this information would make this visual perfect for content strategists who are looking to expand their skills into design.


Font Perfect: Guide to Professional Typography Usage


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