Top 4 Reasons Why Video Games Can Become Addictive

According to recent studies, in the year 2013 some children spent almost 20 hours of their day just playing video games. In addition, 9% of 3034 child participants in a focus group study turned out to be video game addicts.

From consoles and PC games, to mobile games, children has easy access to the newest video games.

Here are some of the facts and figures that explain video game addiction:

Harmful effects of video games

  1. A Great Source of Entertainment

One reason would be that video games can be very entertaining. The bright colors, the grandest locations and soothing music can provide a great source of amusement and diversions for the player.

  1. A Form of Escape 

Secondly, video games give an ultimate form of escape. Whether it is the World of Warcraft or the Diablo Series, it gives players an opportunity to get away from their own personal upheavals and enter a world where they can be victorious at just one click of a button.

  1. The Factor of Psychology 

According to other recent researches, experts such as Dr. Kimberly Young, a leading expert in internet addiction, it has been found out that gambling elevates dopamine. This is parallel to video game addiction.  Experts say that similar to substance abuse, there’s always a psychological factor that causes the addiction to video games. That being said, the biological effects of too much video games are still difficult to determine.

This means that video gaming truly affects the person in more ways than one.  It’s not as simple as being able to stop playing just because you want to. Perhaps in the beginning it is easy, but as time passes by, something in your brain chemistry changes (increase in dopamine) which can cause euphoric sensations that you will only get from playing video games.


  1. Availability of Games

Accessibility of video games is another good reason. With the convenience of the web and free Wi-Fi wherever you may be around the globe, it is ultimately easier for anyone to get their hands on the computer and download whenever they would want. This definitely adds to the attraction of video games.

These are just some of the reasons why most people find themselves getting addicted to video games no matter how old they are. It gives them something else to do besides focusing on the problems in their lives.

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