In our mobile and trending world we have apps that help us locate our phones when we lose them. This app TrackR gives you the right tool to everything you need.



When you arrive home after a workday you just throw your keys and wallet on the table as soon as you walk in the door. On a normal day you take your keys and wallet when you leave the next morning but after a night out it could be different. You know they are close but you don’t know exactly where they are.

There is an easy solution, TrackR. You just open the TrackR app on your phone, and the location of your wallet will become clear. TrackR is a small black rectangle with rounded corners and a single hole for a key chain ring to pass through it. The device isn’t much thicker than a quarter, and opens so a pair of watch batteries can be installed inside of it. Once you’ve installed the batteries, the device starts and waits to be paired with your phone. As long as you have a supported Android or Apple phone, you can pair with the little black slab. Those interested in using it in the wallet may find it’s a little too thick for comfort, but it’s light enough to go unnoticed on a key chain.

After you connected the TrackR to your phone, the TrackR works exactly as you’d expect. As long as your phone is within rage of this Bluetooth device, you’ll be able to ping it. The app will trigger a ringing noise from the device that gradually gets louder. Even at its loudest, however, if the TrackR is buried under blankets, for example, it will be difficult to find what you’re looking for. If you’ve set your TrackR-enabled item somewhere in a more open space, you can use the GPS function to give you a clearer look at what direction your lost item is headed. If you’re ever disconnected from the TrackR due to distance, you’re notified on your phone as soon as you are out of range.

TrackR costs $30. For most of the people it won’t be thin enough to put into your wallet, but it’s perfect for on a key chain.

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