Updates: Is Wearable Computing the Next Big Thing in Technology?

By G+ Author: Dennis Tablott.

Apple is heavily investing in the up-and-coming technology trend of wearable gadgets. The company recently bought out Passif Semiconductor, a small communications chip designer that focus on energy-saving technologies. The Passif acquisition is a strategic move from Apple to not only capitalize on the  promising trend of wearable computing, but also compete head on with the other tech giants, such as Google and Yahoo that are investing heavily and with much enthusiasm in the trend! (Mashable.com)

Passif is founded by two Ph.D. students from the University of Berkeley that worked on developing Bluetooth smart devices. Bluetooth Smart devices connect with other internet-enabled mobile devices and are a necessary element of wearable computing. Many have argued that the Passif acquisition was another step towards the Apple iWatch, a wearable wristband that Apple is looking to create and market in the near future. Apple has some of the world’s top engineers, and digital and medical technology experts working on the development of the dream product that consumers will fall in love with in a mass scale. The watch will feature wide functionality that will include, calling, texting, taking pictures, listening to music and of course app functionality. Apple has gone as far as to trademark “iWatch” in several countries around the world, a fact that is another indicator that the company is looking into bringing the new device to market pretty soon.


Similarly Google has gone a long way to create marketing buzz before Google Glass’s, also known as Project Glass, market entry scheduled for early to mid-2014. Google has already sold a limited number of Glasses at the rather steep price of $1500. The beta product introduction will help Google improve the product functionality, based on market demand, and correct the glitches in the beta version. (BusinessInsider.com)

Analysts believe that the company will drastically decrease the retail price of project Glass within the next two years to around $600. Google is working hard to overcome the social barriers associated with wearable computing gadgets. The company has partnered with high-fashion brands, such as Warby Parker, and celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker to promote the Glass.

Certainly the future of the tech industry is anything but boring. We will remained tuned in to the latest developments.




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