Why hasn’t this been a thing sooner? Sony introduces underwater smartphone Xperia ZR

By Grace Barry.

Recently Sony unveiled it’s Xperia ZR Smartphone which is most notable for its claim to be waterproof. The device, according to Sony, was created for the intention of allowing the taking of underwater photos and videos. The Xperia ZR differs from other smartphones(that obviously cannot touch water) because it’s “ports” are all firmly closed.  This allows the phone to work in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 2.00.31 PM

Xperia_ZR For underwater photo/filmography the phone has a dedicated camera key(which can be turned on from the lock-screen.) Also, what sounds really awesome is “burst mode” which shoots an unlimited number of images at 15 frames per second(thats a lot of images).  Additionally, the Xperia was designed with scratch-resistant glass making it shatterproof and dust proof. Calum MacDougall, director of Xperia Marketing at Sony Mobile Communications said about the phone,

“The Xperia ZR pushes the boundaries on where and how consumers can use the full potential of their smartphone. By combining Sony’s leading camera technology with the highest level of water-resistance, you will never miss another moment…Bringing together the best of Sony’s leading technology, media applications and easy one-touch connectivity with the largest ever range of NFC-enabled accessories, the Xperia ZR delivers the unique smartphone experience that people can expect from Sony”

PCMag describes more features of the phone;

“Battery Stamina mode helps preserve battery by up to four times by shutting down battery-draining apps when the screen is off and starting them up when the screen turns back on. The 4G smartphone features a 4.6-inch, 1,280-by-720 HD display with a 13-megapixel front-facing camera with 16x digital zoom. It will run a 1.5-GHz, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The Walkman, Album, and Movies apps provide quick access to music, photos, and movies. A new “Faces” feature within Album recognizes and sorts the faces in photo albums for tagging purposes.The Xperia ZR also includes NFC, allowing wireless links to other Sony devices, like speakers, headphones, and TVs. Sony has a new Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH50, which lets Xperia ZR owners touch the smartphone once to the headset to instantly pair the devices and make a call or begin listening to tracks.”

The phone comes in black, pink, mint, and white. It is set to launch in “global markets” during the second quarter. Pricing has not been announced.

The underwater feature is cool for obvious reasons. Who doesn’t like underwater photos-and videos, even better! Nonetheless, I think its funny that no one seems to mention the obvious advantages when it comes to the phones longevity. From someone who has had to bury their smartphone in rice on more than one occasion, a waterproof anything tends to grab my attention.

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