Will I ever want to use Siri?

By G+ Author: Jacquelyn Tanner.

The Business Insider posted an article yesterday that caught my attention. The article was/is titled “Apple May Have Figured Out How To Fix Siri So That You’ll Actually Want To Use It.”  I was enticed to click on the header  because I  have long found Siri to be useless, and finally someone was admitting it. Maybe it is because I mumble, but I have always found voice-operated things(for lack of a better word) totally ineffective. I have used them for a sum total of 10 minutes, and that was only for a few laughs at how it mispronounced my name. What Will-Apple-will-fix-Siriamazes me most about Siri and things like it is how excited people get over it! Apple has spent well over $1,000 advertising Siri, and though Siri is dumb, Apple is not–clearly Siri helps sell phones. Tell me what the deal is people? Why do we get crazy over Siri, and things like Google Now, when we know they are pretty pointless? Maybe they are not completely pointless and I am just missing the mark? Nonetheless, the following BI article describes the rumors that Apple is working to improve Siri:

One of the main problems with Siri, the voice-enabled task and search manager on Apple’s iPhone, is that it’s often so … very … slow. That’s because your voice commands are being transferred to Siri’s brain, which is online in the cloud, before an answer is delivered back to you. But Mac believes Apple is working on a fix that could make Siri much faster. The site reports: Apple is testing a local, offline version of Dictation voice input for iOS devices, according to strings of code found inside of the iOS 7 beta…. While we do not have evidence of this, it seems plausible that Apple could eventually port over this technology from Dictation to Siri. This would allow certain queries to Siri to take place at a quicker pace.That could be huge for Siri in its fight with Google Now, the voice-command system on Android phones which often delivers more accurate results than Siri does.

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