Wireless Phone Charging Trends and Must Haves

The next big thing in mobile has arrived. Grab your smart phone, unplug it, and go because now, it’s simple, it’s quick, it’s ALL wireless. Wireless phone charging for mobile devices and tablets is revolutionizing the way we charge our technology.

The trend is happening here and now, no longer are we dependent on our tangled, ripped, and ever so frequently misplaced cords for a quality charge. It is true that it has become so simple as placing your phone down on a flat surface to receive a charge.

Wireless phone charging aims to enhance the customer experience by making it well, easier than ever. According to Grand View Research, some of the big name brands that have already adopted the wireless charging capabilities to their devices include Nokia, Samsung, and Sony.

wireless phone charging

Let’s take a step back, is it a little extreme that plugging a cord into an outlet has become too difficult? A little. However, wireless charging presents opportunities for growth and change in the technology world. With all of the time we spend on our mobile devices, multiple options for wireless phone charging is actually kind of crucial. According to Business Wire, and Pike Research, the wireless power market is expected to reach $11.8 billion dollars in revenue, worldwide, by 2020.

The study also mentions that, “in the future, wireless transmission will have the capability of sending large amounts of power to remote locations.” If you ask me, wireless phone charging sounds like a potentially life saving innovation in technology trends.


Impressive, now let’s take a look at some groundbreaking wireless phone charging products.

1. What’s trending you may ask? Well, certainly one of the most popular forms of wireless charging is the wireless and portable charging phone case. First, let’s take a look at the Mophie case, compatible with Apple devices. I happen own this product and can back it up as being handy and very functional.

The product shown below, one of many product accessories by Mophie, is a wireless charging phone case for the IPhone 6s or 6. The product goes by the name of Juice Pack Air.

 wireless phone charging


Although it is made with a lightweight design structure, the Juice Pack Air provides over 100% extra battery power at the click of button. Check out mophie.com for other wireless phone charging accessories. With nine different color options, the Juice Pack Air can be purchased for $99.99.

2. Here is a look of a similar product for Android users:

PowerBear Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Battery Case

 wireless phone charging

This heavy-duty battery case comes equipped with

  • Dual charging capabilities
  • Easy to use power button located on the back of the case.
  • Up to 130% of extra battery power
  • Easy access to buttons on the phone (some charging cases get in the way of this)


 Up for a different approach? How about a charging pad station for Qi compatible devices?

3. Qi Wireless Charger, by GMYLE.

If your looking to keep your phone case as is, but still wish to experience the thrill wireless charging, you may be interested in the Qi Wireless Charger, by GMYLE. This ultra slim charging pad gives us a clear visual of the potential thinness of wireless phone charging products. Simply place your phone on the pad and charging begins, notifying you when it is finished.

wireless phone charging

The Qi Wireless Charger by GMYLE is one of the thinnest wireless chagrining pads with a width of only 0.2 inches thick. This wireless charger is the ultimate travel companion for the on-the-go businessperson, traveler or heavy duty suitcase packer.

4. If you’re up for making your wireless charger a little more “cozy” check out this wood inspired model also made by GMYLE.

wireless phone charging5. Lastly, we have the Wireless Charger, by Vinsic®

This style is perfect for the busy bee, who, when they do put their phone down, still needs to be able to see and read the screen. The wireless phone charger by Vinsic® is a standing pad that is compatible with the Samsung S6 Edge Plus, Nokia Lumia, Nexus 6 LG, and G2 Moto Droid.

wireless phone chargingThis stand is unique in the way that it comes with 3 built in charging coils and a larger charging area that still produces a fast and effective charge.

Well there you have it my fellow trend trackers. I hope this has inspired you go out out there and jump on the wireless charging bandwagon, who knows, sooner or later it may be the only option for phone charging!

wireless phone charging

Do you use a specific product for wireless phone charging? What do you think of it? Let us know!

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