Surface Pro storage space: Yes, it’s a big deal

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News that the upcoming 64GB Surface Pro tablet from Microsoft will have only about a third of its quoted storage space available to the user is causing quite a stir. That’s because the game has changed. Original content from ZDNet

Has Microsoft legitimized tablets with keyboards with the Surface

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Tablets with keyboards are nothing new. There have been keyboards for iPads and Android tablets for quite some time but not used by many. It’s possible the Surface tells consumers that all tablets are OK for productivity with keyboard attached. Original content from ZDNet

Feature driving tablet adoption: Battery life

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Tablets are replacing laptops in more gear bags than ever before. The capabilities of tablets have evolved to make them viable alternatives for mobile professionals. Even as capable as they are, the long battery life is what’s driving adoption. Original content from ZDNet

Top iPad keyboards: 2013 First Edition

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Using a keyboard with the iPad is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for one you should check out the top models included here. Don’t miss the bonus for iPad mini owners. Original content from ZDNet

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2: First look

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The ThinkPad Tablet 2 is a 10.1-inch slate running Windows 8 Pro. It has an Intel Atom inside for 10+ hours of battery life. This is a firsthand look at the tablet and accessories. Original content from ZDNet

ebookers hotel-finding app launches for Android

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New into Google Play is “Hotels by ebookers,” which aims to provide users with money saving offers and hotel tips. According to the company, users of the application could save up to 65 percent when browsing for last minute deals – something not to be sniffed at. When looking for a hotel it makes sense

BlackBerry 10 launch event scorecard

The company formerly known as RIM held its big BlackBerry 10 launch in New York City this morning to great fanfare. How well did the happenings at the event meet the company’s needs Original content from ZDNet

What RIM must do at the BlackBerry 10 launch event

RIM has the defibrillator paddles ready to jumpstart the company at the BlackBerry 10 launch event this week. Here’s what the company must do to get its business pumping again. Original content from ZDNet

Post-PC: It’s not about the hardware

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Conversations about post-PC center around the hardware changes of recent years. That’s not really the profound change, it’s the mobilization of the operating system. Original content from ZDNet

Nexus 4 wireless charger finally available for $59.99

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Google has finally put the Nexus 4’s official wireless charger on sale for $59.99, with a five-charger limit. The charger uses the Qi wireless technology, which juices up your phone without having to actually plug in the device. So you put it down to charge, pick it up and go. The tech specs list a

Jim Balsillie sells his 5.1 percent stake in BlackBerry

Jim Balsillie, the former co-CEO of Research in Motion (now known as BlackBerry), has been until recently the third-largest shareholder in the company with 5.1 percent ownership. According to Financial Post, however, he’s cut his stake in BlackBerry altogether, now reporting a grand total of zero shares. Balsillie stepped down as co-CEO in January and