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Super Bowl Memes for Super Bowl LII!

With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, it’s only right to send your family, friends, and former-friends turned enemies Super Bowl memes! No matter who you’re rooting for this Super Bowl, we have shared the below Patriots Memes and Eagles Memes to add to one of the best parts of sports – smack talk. Eagles Memes

Apparently Mobile Showrooming is a Threat to Physical Retail Stores

So apparently there has existed the term “showrooming” for a while now. Showrooming as defined on Wikipedia is the practice of examining merchandise in a traditional brick and mortar retail store without purchasing it, but then shopping online to find a lower price for the same item. Apparently “brick and mortar” is also a term i’ve been missing out on

Location-Based Services are the Next Big Thing for the Mobile Industry

With the accumulation of Waze by Google location-enabled mobile assets has been the talk of the town. But location-based services have been growing in importance long before the Google Waze partnership. There are the obvious location-based services that we hear about everyday such as Foursquare but the reach goes way beyond this. Because almost every smartphone is GPS-enabled, location-data has spread throughout various mobile facits such as advertising, travel, social, weather, shopping etc.

Do you unplug? Go off the grid?

Sometimes I find myself just shutting my phone off and closing my laptop for a day or two. Sure, I get antsy and think: “Do I have new emails?”, “I wonder what everyone is updating on Facebook..”, and “If I don’t check Reddit, I’m going to miss out on 3 new memes in a day!”

T-Mobile iPhone carrier bundle is now available for download

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We reported last Friday that T-Mobile had begun deploying a special over-the-air (OTA) update which enables support for its LTE, HD Voice, the 4G indicator, Visual Voicemail and other network-related features on the existing (and unlocked) iPhones the company has been hosting on its network. But soon after, the Deutsche Telekom-owned wireless carrier pulled a

Hands On: Sony’s Translucent-Lens A58 DSLR

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Our friends over at Popular Photography just put up a hands-on examination of the new Sony A58 DSLR. The A58 is the couple-years-later followup to the A55, which won Popular Photography’s highest honor, Camera of the Year, back in 2010. It’s cheap, at only $600 for the whole kit, but it doesn’t skimp on features

Lessons in Innovation Leadership: Marten Pieters

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By Dr. Venkatesh Bala, Chief Economist, The Cambridge Group We are proud to continue our Lessons in Innovation Leadership interview series. This series showcases experienced business leaders who have led, and learned, from significant innovation initiatives. These innovators from across industries share the major, and often difficult, strategic choices they faced and discuss the long-lasting consequences that resulted for their organization’s

The Rise of Paid Social Ads: Completing the Integrated Ad Approach

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Amid the flourishing social media environment, marketers are increasingly viewing paid social media advertising as an integrated part of their marketing tool kits. According to a recent report by Vizu, a Nielsen company, the majority of advertisers say they use paid social media advertising in conjunction with other online and offline advertising (66% and 51%,