10 Relatable Anti-Valentines Day Memes

It’s that time of year again. The ladies are shopping for red dresses and chocolate, while the men are shopping for dinner reservations (and hopefully chocolate.) That’s not the best part of Valentines Day, (although chocolate is up there.)

Anti-Valentines Day Memes are the most fun thing about this otherwise romantic holiday, and I’ve rounded up some of the funniest and most relatable. Because what’s more romantic than having a good laugh?

Anti-Valentines Day Memes

When everyone starts gushing over their dates for Valentines Day.

more grumpy catGet out of here with all of your feelings and romance nonsense.


When Christmas JUST ended and suddenly you see Valentines Day decor in every store.

anti-valentines day ain't nobody got time for that meme

Seriously, can the pharmacy just not have any holiday decor for a while? I need a break.


Dwight, as usual, stating the obvious.

valentines day date

Well he isn’t wrong, is he?




anti-valentines day memes milk meme

This is a good one to send when you’re texting your group chat about being alone on Valentines Day.


The more realistic valentines day card.

standards meme

You can send this to your Valentines Day tinder date after it goes horribly wrong (as they usually do.)


This is the most romantic I’ll get.

you suck less than most people

It’s still sort of a compliment, right?


The more important holiday.

anti-valentines day memes discount chocolate day

Who needs a boyfriend to buy them chocolate when you can buy it yourself for cheaper on February 15th? Independence!



Is this too harsh?

frozen meme

Definitely send this one to your significant other, because it just doesn’t get any more romantic than this.


Just stating the facts.

sheldon meme

Science: 1

Romance: 0


The most important part of any relationship is honesty.

anti-valentines day memes are you a red light


There you have it. If you’d rather have a laugh than a romantic dinner, feel free to send these memes to your friends or significant other! If you’re as big of a fan of memes as I am, be sure to check out our last post about the top 10 iconic distracted boyfriend meme. That counts as anti-valentines day too, right?

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