Funny Memes of Dogs Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Has it been a long week? Are you having a ruff day? (Sorry I had to.) Well, I have the perfect pick-me-up for you! These funny memes of dogs are bound to put a smile on your face, no matter what kind of mood you’re in.


Funny Memes of Dogs


Proof that kind words mean a lot:

dog being cute funny meme of dog



This troublemaker:

dog eating paper funny meme of dogs

To be fair, he gave you a warning.



“Where have you been? You’re interrupting my 20 hours a day of sleep!”

dog being suspicious funny memes of dogs



The only solution.

funny meme of dog



Imagine leaving your house without feeling guilty about leaving your dog behind.

funny memes of dogs



This is the cutest threat I’ve ever received.

cute dog beware of dog funny meme of dog



*Ba dum tss*

funny meme of dog



The front door was an option, but a less fun one.

cute dog, funny meme of dog



He would REALLY appreciate your patience.

cute funny meme of dog



A little morning motivation.

cute dog being funny




funny dog meme



One of life’s greatest mysteries.

depressed dog meme



We all want to hide from our responsibilities sometimes.

cute wholesome dog puppy meme



That one stung a little.

cute funny dog meme


Are you sure I can’t bring my dog on vacation?

dog in luggage meme




cute funny dog meme



This is kind of cruel but I kind of don’t totally blame him…

cute funny lost and found dog



Thanks for the tip!

cute corgi funny dog meme



It took me a second to figure this out.

cute funny dog sitting on dog meme



Does he also get a treat?

good boy good dog meme



I wish I could relate.

cute dog meme



I hope you enjoyed looking at 21 pictures of dogs! If you love memes, be sure to check out our last post about the funniest anti-valentines day memes.


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