Funny Wine Memes for the Wine Mom in All of us


It doesn’t really matter what day of the week it is, wine always sounds like a good idea to me. Whether you like a glass of wine with dinner or an entire bottle during a girls night in, you’ll love these funny wine memes.



Funny Wine Memes



If only it actually worked this way.

wine meme



Mornings are for coffee, while evenings are for wine. It’s a formula, people!

wine meme coffee meme funny wine and coffee meme



Just drink the wine. Don’t make it complicated.

funny wine meme




At least wine makes me feel sure of myself.

i hate people but i love wine


Yes, I know I was just here, but it’s time for another wine night!

adele but talking about wine


Who needs Tinder when you have wine?

tinder but with wine



Doctor’s orders, right?

funny wine meme


I repeat: doctor’s orders, right?

funny wine meme



Hint: it doesn’t matter what you drink it in, just drink it.

funny wine meme




I’m just trying to help the environment.

drink wine



I’ve never related to Dory this much.

dory finding nemo finding dory wine meme


So is that a yes?



Monday alone can feel like the whole week. Reward yourself!

funny wine meme


It’s important to have goals.

i want wine


*ba dum tss*

funny wine merlot meme



The men are irrelevant when the wine is around.

funny wine meme



To be fair, wine makes a way worse stain than milk.

spilling wine funny meme



Once again: men are irrelevant when the wine is around.

funny wine meme



At least wait until Friday.

funny wine meme


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