Instagram IGTV: What You Need To Know

Instagram has just introduced a cool new app that allows users to create long-form, vertical videos that are up to ten minutes long. IGTV allows influencers and creators to make longer, better content than what they can add to their story on Instagram (which only allows 15 seconds of video.)

You can view these videos in the Instagram app, but to only view this curated content, download the IGTV app. Sign in using your Instagram username and password, and you’ll see the videos on your timeline.




Things you need to know:


IGTV is different from Instagram stories and videos.

I know it probably seems weird to make a video creating platform in an app that already allows you to create videos. But Instagram stories are meant for quick, more casual videos, sort of like mini vlogs. IGTV is meant for the people who felt that the 15 second video limit did just that; limited them. Instagram has already created a platform for so many creators and influencers, so IGTV is here to give them even more opportunities to create content that their followers want to see.


How to use IGTV

It’s actually pretty easy. If you want to use it within your Instagram app, Tap the TV icon on the top right-hand side, and you have access to videos from people you follow and suggested users.

The app itself is pretty straightforward and easy to use. It’s designed to make it easy to switch from video to video, so similar to youtube, you can be sitting there watching videos for hours.

Another important thing to mention: you can’t create videos from the app itself. The videos must be pre-recorded, uploaded from your camera roll and then into the app.


Creating Your Own Channel

If you want to create a channel from the Instagram app, press the little settings symbol on the right-hand side of the screen. If you want to do it from the IGTV app, click your profile photo, then create channel, give it a name, and bam! You’ve created your first IGTV channel.


Making Money?

As of right now, you don’t profit from using IGTV to post videos. It’s still in the early stages, so there are no adds right now, but once the app grows and expands (which will probably be quickly) you can expect that to change.


My advice? If you’re a content creator looking to gain recognition, I suggest getting started on this new feature ASAP. Similar to Vine (RIP) this will blow up quickly, so the sooner you’re creating interesting videos, the better your chances are of them becoming popular, or even viral.



Sophia Watts

Sophia Watts

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