The Best New Apps of 2017

The number of apps that get released every month, let alone every year seem to be endless. It can be hard to keep up at times, but you’re always looking for apps that could be useful or fun for you. You may not have the time to search for apps released recently, so we’ll help you out.¬†From games to lifestyle to productivity, here are the best new apps of 2017 that you need in your life.


Super Mario Run

Nintendo made a grand entrance into the mobile games industry with¬†Super Mario Run. It was released in December of 2016, so we’ll count it for this year as well. You control Mario and additional characters as they run by tapping the screen to perform jumps and spins. A simple, yet addicting game that pleases fans of the Mario series. The app is free, but there are in-app purchases to unlock more courses and features.


Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft’s To-Do app is what it sounds like. Create a to-do list on the app to make sure you are organized and productive throughout your day whether you’re at work, school, or running errands. Custom themes, smart suggestions, due dates, and color-coded lists are among the features of Microsoft To-Do.



One of the best new apps of 2017 and also one of the most creative. Wemogee is an app created by Samsung to help people who suffer from aphasia communicate easily. Those who are affected by aphasia struggle to communicate through language, so the emoji to text and text to emoji translation allows them to communicate easily through emojis. More than 140 common phrases can be translated into logical emojis.



Empower is a new money management app. The idea of the app is to assist with managing finances and saving money. You can track spending, manage several bank accounts, pay credit card bills, and more. Empower is very useful for those who are looking to control and monitor their spending.


Blue Apron (New to Android)

Blue Apron has been available in the App Store for a couple years, but it was finally released for the Google Play Store in 2017, so it’s new to Android users. With Blue Apron, cooking should be less of a struggle. Using the app, you can have ingredients of meals of your choice delivered in a chilled box straight to your door. The app also features recipes and how-to videos.


Colorflow: Adult Coloring & Mandala

Coloring isn’t only for kids! If you feel too embarrassed to buy a coloring book in a store, then you can download Colorflow. Mandala, animal, floral, and zodiac designs will help you reduce your stress and bring out your creativity. There are some in-app purchases.


All Day – Daily Health & Fitness Guide

Adidas launched one of the best apps of 2017 to help users take on a healthier lifestyle and create better habits. Designed by health and fitness experts, The Daily Health & Fitness app offers fitness and yoga routines, recipes, and strategies to improve your strength both physically and mentally.



Many people have 100 different passwords they use for all of their accounts and subscriptions. That usually results in going through the annoying “forgot my password” process. With oneSafe, you can quickly store and access all of your passwords and confidential information so you don’t forget anything. oneSafe is highly secure with double protection categories, multiple identification methods, and a high level of encryption in AES 256.


It’s only September, so we may update this post with any new interesting apps released. Be sure to check back throughout the rest of 2017!

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