Winter Memes for People Who Prefer Any Other Season

winter is coming

Okay, so it’s February, so winter has been here for a while. But I couldn’t resist using that meme. Anyway, the temperature is too low, the sun is barely ever out, and snow is all over the place. Winter is kind of the worst. If you agree, enjoy these winter memes!


When you’re too short for the snow

winter dog cold meme

Yeah, I always complain about winter.

winter cold meme


Why don’t people hibernate?? It sounds like a great idea, honestly.

winter cold meme


If I really had to choose a favorite.

winter cold meme


Showering in the winter might be the worst thing EVER.

winter cold meme


The mosquitos die, along with my soul.

winter cold meme


It LOOKS warm, but don’t be fooled.

winter cold meme


I repeat.

winter cold meme


This dog looks cute in this outfit. I don’t.

winter cold meme


How is it possible to be in pain just being outside?

funny winter meme


Okay, THIS is the only positive.

winter meme


Me and my car both need to defrost.

winter sucks


It’s not my fault you still need to exercise during the winter.

snowy dog


Was The Weeknd singing about winter??

i can't feel my face


How do people enjoy the snow?

i hate winter


It’s pretty much just a guessing game.

too much snow


*ba dum tss*

90 degree angle joke


I like to be outside as little as humanly possible.

winter stinks


Moral of the story:

too cold cat


If you can’t get enough memes about how much this time of year stinks, check out cold and flu memes!

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