Funny Single Memes for those Spending Valentines Day Alone

Well, it’s Valentines Day once again. Whether you’re feeling lonely, or celebrating being single, we have funny single memes you can relate to on this always dreaded holiday.



Funny Single Memes


This is one way to celebrate Valentines Day.



Don’t be fooled, I’m obviously single!

funny single meme


Why are you burdening the holidays with your questions? You don’t hear me asking about your divorce, Aunt Susan.

i have no love life


I think a fridge is better, honestly.

single meme


I don’t have to spend money on other people, just myself!

geico lizard single


It feels good to not have the drama.

happily single


I think I’m great company, tbh.

happily single


So basically I’d rather be single.

why i'm single


I’m a catch!!

i'm awesome and single


I’d rather be by myself than settle for someone who isn’t as fabulous as I am.

i'm single and fabulous


Don’t remind me, me.

kermit the frog meme


My imaginary boyfriend is really going to enjoy Valentines Day.

single as a pringle monster inc meme


There’s nothing wrong with taking yourself on dates every once in a while.

i'm single but i'm awesome


No relationship=no relationship drama.

peacefully single



hungry and single



Friendly reminder to love yourself and put yourself first!!

happy and single


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